Urban Defense - Immunity

Urban Defense - Immunity

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This immune-boosting super tea is loaded with vitamin C, green-tea extract, EGCG, ginger, and dozens of other vitamins and herbal supplements to keep your body in good health.

Packaged in convenient tear-open packages, and made by just adding to hot or cold water, this immune support tea is easy to enjoy anywhere.


TEAOLOGY is a premium line of immunity boosting teas, conveniently packaged in single-serve pouches.

What are the health benefits?

TEAOLOGY is loaded with vitamin C, green tea extract, B vitamins, resveratrol, probiotics and other herbal supplements. Many of these ingredients have been scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress and boost your immunity.

Most notably:

Vitamin C - Long heralded as an incredibly powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C helps your body rid itself of free radicals.

Green Tea Extract - Green tea extract is loaded with polyphenols called Catechins, which help expel free radicals from the body.

Probiotics - Probiotics are live culture supplements that help your healthy gut bacteria thrive. Our intestines are filled with bacteria that are essential to our health, particularly our immune function. Probiotics increase the health of our gut biome, ultimately increasing our immunity.

Does it contain caffeine?

TEAOLOGY contains a small amount of caffeine, similar to 1/2 a cup of coffee.

Does it have any effect on the common cold?

Thanks to its high concentration of Vitamin C, Teaology can decrease the length of the common cold when ingested regularly. Studies have shown that people who take vitamin C supplements experience shorter and more mild colds than people who do not.

How does this product compare to other immunity supplements?

TEAOLOGY contains all the similar ingredients as your typical citrus immunity powders found at your local grocery store. However, we blended these ingredients with the powerful health benefits of tea to create an extremely effective supplement that's delicious too!

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